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By choosing to live, we have given ourselves "meaning". So how could nihilism believe life is meaningless?!?

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    Nihilism is a result of secular belief systems that can be traced, at least, as far back as Europe's 16th century "Scientific Revolution", leading up to the "Enlightenment" of the 17th and 18th centuries.  This was the period when a marginalized group of European intellectual thinkers and scientists sought to break from the intellectual and scientific institutions sanctioned by the Church, throughout the "Middle-ages".  

    In opposition to the Church authority, secularists began abandoning the traditional, Greek model of science, that considered nature as 'alive', and devised their own model demonstrating that nature operates "mechanistically", much like the gears of "clockwork".  The "pocket watch" was also invented during this period, suggesting the idea of conveniently, "possessing time". 

    Secular philosophies began to assert that science can be used to "disprove" the existence of God, despite theists and atheist disputing faith on the mutual grounds that God cannot be "proven or disproven", for thousands of years.  The popularity of the "material fundamentalists" model of science led to the counter-view or "religious fundamentalism", in which scripture was taken to be interpreted, "literally",

    The rise of secularism in the Western societies institution the more the world is explained in material terms.  The removal of God and faith in society makes the world appear to be an "empty shell" that is null and void.  The superficial observation of the universe becomes "more apparent", which only leads to material reductionism, and cannot yield any "meaning or purpose"; hence, nihilism.  

    Secularism relies on ignoring fundamental truths, by which relativistic ideologies are allowed to pass in their place.  The clever use of sophistry and logical fallacies, of pseudo-intellectualism, make for convincing arguments to unsuspecting mind that don't know what to look for.  Logic and reason become inverted and distorted to subvert reality, and deflect from seeking out 'the truth'.  

    'True nihilists' don't exist, as they'd commit suicide upon discovering that the "meaning of everything, is without meaning".  I wouldn't advise anyone to take their own life, where maturity and wisdom will suffice, but I find it hard to accept anyone who gets out of their own bed each day to be a nihilist.  It's impossible to conceive how some of these answers can validate nihilism while living as "mindless drones".


  • John P
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    1 month ago

    Actually we did not chose to live, our parents chose to try to give us life, and they succeeded.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    False assumption. We do not choose to be born. When we get older, choosing to live by not committing suicide does not necessarily give our lives meaning. 

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    We don't choose to live.  We wake up here.  We also have a tremendous ingrained fear of dying.  We can choose to die, but just living is not a choice - it's the default state.

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  • RP
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    Existence has an impact, but the key to whether there is meaning is the choice we make about what to do with life. At a minimum, the options include positive, negative, and neutral. That's why it is important to choose wisely.

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    If one "believes" (loves) the emotion of not finding "meaning," and then intellectualizes it, voila.  To be or not to be, while that is the Question, may not at superficial levels explain the inertia.

    Howbeit, choosing life does not = giving meaning.  For the honest agnostic nihilist, they find no meaning in choosing to live:  early Camus' Sisyphus parable:  get up every morning at the alarm clock's warning, to start your slavin' job to get your pay.  Infantile perspective perhaps, Maslow to the rescue:'s_hierarchy_o... improved version of sartreanism, with a chance of God-awareness.

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