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is "Outsourcing" good or bad?  why?  how is Trump's stance on that issue? why?

how compared to Biden and Harris? why?

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    Trump said he is moving to bring industries particularly pharmaceuticals out of the hands of the Chinese and Indians and other countries and move it back to America. I mean, it makes sense, if you have money staying in your country, that's better for the country, and it doesn't matter how much it costs, as the government can just tax the rich to pay the rich to do it, but the resources stay there. America is in debt for a tenth of all the money in the world. 

    They let the most greedy, evil people make money in any way they could, and you know, the trend has been towards outsourcing jobs, finding the highest profit margin, but what works for the elite rich may not work for the majority, which includes the world. 

    You have to take the world into account in your figures, because the US basically runs the world. BTW in that same speech he said "you may not see me again for a while" sort of indicating like Alex Jones that at any moment these globalists may hire an assassin. 

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    Trump outsources, offshores and employs illegals. Trump doesn’t give a flying rat as long as he makes money. You mean literally less than nothing.

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    Outsourcing is good for corporations. It's bad for American workers. Trump against outsourcing. He's all for making American jobs for American workers. Biden will not be against outsourcing especially if it boosts relations with China.

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