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Help! Is this a yeast infection?

I'm worried it could be chlamydia or another STD.

I'm 24f, and I last had sex on 15 July. It was protected - used a condom. Before that I last had sex in February (again, protected. As always). Anyway, this week I felt pain in my vulva with an urge to scratch out of nowhere. Funny enough, I've had yeast infections before and this is the same symptom as those... my first thought was yeast infection. I also noticed white discharge but I'm not sure whether it was like "cottage cheese". It was thick though and non-sticky. But I also felt a slight sting when urinating - I didn't get this with the other yeast infections.

I freaked out and took the Canesten yeast pill and used the external cream for a couple days. The pain/itchy ness is gone and I haven't got any similar discharge since. I can also urinate as normal.

But I'm worried it might be a STD. Because the previous occasions where I had a yeast infection I got them after taking antibiotics. This time it was just random. I'm going to get checked for STDs when I can but just want to know your thoughts. Would the hot weather be a factor for yeast infections? Am I paranoid?

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    Your description sounds like a yeast infection.  The fact that it got better when  you treated it with what would fix a yeast infection is another indication that it probably was a yeast infection.  (and stinging when peeing can be a symptom of a yeast infection if it is irritating the right areas.)

    Many things can cause a yeast infection and you might never know exactly what caused this one.  Hot weather can have some impact.  Excessive heat and moisture would be a perfect situation for the fungus that causes a yeast infection to thrive and grow.  If you have been spending time in a chlorinated swimming pool because of the hot weather, the chlorine in the pool can also kill the good bacteria that would usually keep the fungus controlled which can cause a yeast infection.  If you also use antibacterial soap in your genital area, this can also kill your good bacteria and increase the chances that you would have a yeast infection.  (remember, a yeast infection is NOT a bacterial infection - it is a fungus and good bacteria helps to  keep it controlled)

    Getting checked for STD's is always a good idea if you aren't certain about the partner you have been with, but based on your information here, it is more likely that this was a yeast infection.  

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