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I feel like a loser. Please help.?

I feel like I wasted all of my years of my teenage life. I’m saposto be having fun. I’m 17 years old about to turn 18 in like 7 months and throughout this pandemic I’ve realized how much of a loser I really am. I’ve never had my first kiss, I’ve never been to a party, never gotten drunk, never had a boyfriend, never been on a date, never snuck of out the house, never hung out with a boy, I don’t have any close friends or even a best friend,  havnt even gotten my drivers permit, I don’t hang out with friends, and I hate it. You could say “well just focus on your grades”, because some kids don’t go parting but at least have good grades. Not me :). I don’t even have good grades, Ive mostly been a d or f student my whole life. I got kicked off of my sports team. I was talking to a guy off and on for a year who mentally abused me who I loved, who keeps harrassing me even though I told him to leave me alone. Now I’m heart broken and depressed. I can’t get out of bed, havnt been able to for weeks, I don’t know who I am anymore. My mom has been crying because shes scared of what’s happening to me and she dosnt know how to help me. And I can’t even go out because of the pandemic, even though everyone is, I’m too scared I’ll get sick. I was too afraid to sneak out because I felt bad because id be lying to my mom.  Im too afraid to do anything. People are reaching out to me but I dont even have the motivation/energy  to text them back, I can’t even call my own dad back. I’m ****. 

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    Why would anyone here care. do something with yourself.

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