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Social anxiety and career choice?

I’m currently in cosmetology school, and i want to do hair for a living. I do struggle with social anxiety so it’s been preventing me from getting a job. does anyone have any advice on going into a very social environment with social anxiety?

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    If you "want to do hair for a living", then you will be working one on one with people and having to please them.

    So, are you  SURE this is what you want to do?

  • 5 months ago

    I can tell you about some things you can try, but you might want to see a professional about your problem. 

    I know of two very good books. Maybe the best for you is the book by Donna Carnegie, daughter of self-help legend Dale Carnegie. She has written a version of her father's classic, which is one of the most popular self-help books of all time. It's called How to Win Friends and Influence People For Teen Girls. Handbook of Self-Help Therapies, which reviews studies of books and programs, says that the writings of Barbara Markway help people with moderate social anxiety. Her most recent book is Painfully Shy. 

    There's a little evidence that mindfulness training is good for social anxiety.

    Mindfulness apps are very popular. A reviewer says that the best one is Mindful Life Project and it's absolutely free. The most popular app is Headspace, which is the most expensive but it has a 30-day trial you can use over and over. Calm has a free breathing exercise that's really useful if you have trouble with anxiety.

    Speaking of breathing, I have details about therapeutic breathing in my recent answers. If you anticipate a difficult social situation, you can get calm quickly by slowing your breath.


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