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Toyota financial services please help?

Hello. Okay so I’m stupid. This is my second payment to my beautiful Toyota. Unfortunately, I misunderstood something.. I was about to make my payment on the app, until I saw a message saying “pay principal payment only” I thought oh okay that’s nice. So I go on the website to pay it that way, but I misunderstood the fact that it wasn’t going to count as the monthly payment that is due..the payment I made for the principal is already processed and I can no longer cancel it...the phone representatives are now closed for the day, but I want to know now if I call them in the morning, can they put that money towards my payment or figure something out since I can not cancel it? Can they do something? 

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    yes, you can do that and they should be able to move the funds and apply this towards the loan and not principal 

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    They probably can, but you will definitely want to talk to them tomorrow.  

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