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What does this Insane Dream mean RePost?

I had another dream 2 hours later but i dont remember it, this my 1st dream I had this morning. I remember i went to this asian family resturaunt, and lots of asians since I am one, and alot of people talking and its mostly a sea food resturaunt. I remember going in this kinda buffet section, the seafood was colored redorange like crab n lobster, there were dolphin sized fins stacked and other weird looking fish foods that i got, and there was guy i sat next to he had glasses, the food was not bad but still kinda looked a little strange. I then saw weirs rituals, and i sat in this chair theres this half asian mother and her daughter and she did something bad to her so they went and did this sacrificial ritual the girl was wearing white robe i think and there was blood spilling her face and she had a a blade or katana and a older woman was saying ritualistic stuff, and the mother infront of me was cut in half but still talking and verbally allowing the ritual to admit her guilt and shes crying sort of too. Then I woke up. 

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    This is kind of a "blood and guts" type of dream.  The young girl is associated with the red lobster, as blood covered her face, and the mother seems to be at fault. She allows this ritual to continue though, so she is not defensive of her own daughter.  This seems to be rather coldhearted to me, and I wonder if she is like this in real Life?  Maybe you were the child, and this is really a dream of you and your mother in confrontation, in real Life?  

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