can i change AMD Firepro W7100 to RXT 2060 Super?

at my office, i got 1 workstation for CCTV which the graphic card already faulty. the existing graphic card is AMD Firepro W7100. i go to my local store but no one sell that graphic card, but got 1 store suggest me to change to RTX 2060 Super which is both is equivalent spec. its possible? since i know existing graphic is for workstation while RTX is more for gaming, i afraid its didnt work if i want to use for CCTV.  

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    The store is scamming you, trying to sell a way over-powered (and over-priced, for that application) GPU. Or they are just dumb.

    The W7100 is equivalent to a GTX670, GTX960 or GTX1050

    You can get a GTX960 for about 50- on ebay. 

    The RTX2060 Super is almost ten times the price, and totally pointless for a CCTV monitoring system.

    Just be sure to have the appropriate drivers downloaded and ready before you start changing the card.

    And uninstall the W7100 drivers and shut the machine down. (Without it restarting).

    Swap the card, let it boot up and then install the new drivers.

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