When Germany was losing the war (WW2), how did they surrender the POW camps with Americans and British POWs?

For instance, as allied forces were invading Germany, did the German soldiers stay with the prison camps and then formerly surrender the camps to the Americans or British when that area was defeated, and then become POWs themselves?

Or when the Allies were approaching, did they just all leave and leave the prisoners there by themselves to be freed by the approaching allies?

Same question for when Germany formerly surrendered.  Did the German soldiers just leave the POW camps and leave the gates open?  Did they wait around until the allies formerly took over?

We see a lot about how the concentration camps were liberated, but little in the way of POW camps.

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    2 months ago
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    POW camps the Germans waited for the British French or the Americans to take over the Camps, any camps about to be taken by the Soviets the Nazis ran towards the western allies that was why Patton collected about 2 million POW's

    Colditz the Commandant waited until the SS had left before surrendering the camp to the Americans  he was afraid the SS would Kill everyone

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    Most movies and films  often portray the Germans as going crazy and burning documents  and just throwing stuff into trucks and bugging out......minutes before Allied forces roll into the camp.   The Pow's still too shell shocked and weak to realize they've been abandoned or left alone-----or staggering around the now empty camp.....with no idea what to do next. 

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