How long does it take for detol to kill all germs? Like from when I spray a surface how long do I leave it before I wipe it? ?

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  • 7 months ago

    Being from the USA, I have never heard of this product but it says it is similar to Lysol & don't think you need to wash it off unless you are spraying a cutting board to use right away.  Spray it on, wash it & rinse if you feel you need to.  It starts killing right away, just a wipe of a sponge & germs are gone.

  • drip
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    7 months ago

    From their web site, directions for using Dettol surface cleaner

    Turn red nozzle to ON position. 

    Simply spray directly onto surface. 

    Wipe over with CLEAN damp cloth & ALLOW TO DRY. 

    No need to rinse. 

    With electric equipment spray onto cloth before wiping.

    Sounds like it doesn’t have to set at all.

  • 7 months ago

    Oh, I'd leave it for about 6 weeks........ 2 months, just to make sure. Hope this helped.

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