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Why do some italians claim that mexico stole their flag when italy was not an independent nation until 1861?

Mexico became an independent nation in 1821 so technically mexico as a country has been around longer than Italy thus was the first to

use the flag.

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    Italy has been around since long before Mexico. It didn't unify its many regions as soon as Mexico did but the tricolor green, white, red was in official use (by the Cisalpine Republic, which was founded by Napoleon as a sister French Republic in the north of Italy) 23 years before Mexican independence.

    As for what people say, there is no point in asking why. 

  • It was the flag of the Cispadane Republic in Italy adopted as the war flag of the Lombard legion in 1796.  The three colours were popular in Italy a good 200 years earlier..

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    The Italians probably forgot about those details you mention when they said that about the flags thing. It's the sort of mistake anyone could make, really. I imagine they're really embarrassed about that whole thing now.

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