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Am I a child molesters because I want to bone Supergirl who is only like 16-17 years old in the comics?

Will, technically she would have been in her 40s if she wasn't frozen in time for like 30 years. 

Sailormoon is only like 14 years old.  A lot of other anime girls I want to bone is also under age.... Will, Elsa is over 18 so she is legal. Android 18 is also legal....

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  • 5 months ago

    You are only a child molester if you molest young children for sexual gratification and delusional power over them in person. 

    If you fantasize about having sex with teenage girls but not actually committing the act then you are just a mentally disturbed person who suffers from penis envy and sexual inadequacies.

  • 5 months ago

    if you can't tell the difference between molestation and arousal, let alone fictitious or real, then you're most certainly a dangerous individual

  • John
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    5 months ago

    no. unless you've actually molested children, you are not a child molester. as for being a pedophile/hebephile/whatever, i don't think just thinking a cartoon girl is hot is enough of a qualifier. i think, when it comes to cartoons and anime, the apparent age of the character matters more than their actual age. sailor moon may be a middle school girl in the show, but just looking at her design, she has more adult proportions than child. and the girls in lucky star are seniors in highschool, but look like little kids. they may technically be older than sailor moon, but it would be more creepy to think they're hot than thinking she's hot.

    and ultimately it doesn't really matter much if it's just cartoon characters. cartoons cant get hurt for real. just don't be a creep irl

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    dude at least wait until their 18! :P

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  • 5 months ago

    She's a comic book character.  With only a HANDFUL of exceptions, she's usually portrayed as VERY adult and sexy.  You clearly have an unhealthy fixation on her, but I don't think it's pedophilia.

    Let's also remember that 18 isn't a magic number.  It's just a cultural norm.  Biology doesn't really hew to cultural norms.  It's a good norm I think, and if you were stalking a REAL 16 year old that would be a definite problem...or maybe even if Supergirl were portrayed realistically as a 16 year old.  But she's not.  She's pretty consistently portrayed as more adult than her listed age.

    I can't say the same for Sailormoon as I only watched a sliver of one episode, rolled my eyes at how bad it was and left.  IIRC, she IS typically portrayed as young, but I don't know how sexualized she is in the show.

  • 5 months ago

    It is weird, to say the least.

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