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Store Parking lot pedestrian and big truck ?

I was parked in a store parking lot. 

I put my truck into reverse looked all ways and proceeded to back up while I was still looking. Then I notice a man behind me, so I stopped, he back up away from the back of my truck and he threw his hands in the air and so did his young son. 

I just stayed there to allow them to cross, his wife continued walking to their car and the man came to the passenger side of my vehicle, not close to it, and had his hands in the air like he wanted to fight me. 

I did not roll down my window, but I did say I’m sorry, I did not see you. He walked away and joined his wife puting items into their car. 

At this point I’m scared and thinking I’m going to get beat up by a man or shot. 

I made him upset but his wife kept walking to her car like nothing happened. 

Then they were putting their groceries into their car. So, then I continued to back up and I left. 

I don’t know if they got a pic of my lic plates but if they did could they lie about what happened? 

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    It's a nothing happened in the moment but he was feeling all huffy about protecting his family. It's over with. Don't think about it again. According to you, you hit nothing, you did zero damage of any kind.. he was just showing off. It's unlikely he'd recognize you or your truck again or care if he did. It's nothing. Big trucks in parking lots have this sort of thing happen on the REGULAR. Just keep your eyes out and mind your own business.. it'll be fine. 

  • David
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    For a few years, I drove trucks.  The big kind.  18 wheels, 80,000 pounds, carrying 20 tons of frozen fish, THAT kind of truck.  One day at the end of my run, I just had pulled off the interstate to shut down at a truck stop.  At the end of the off-ramp, I had to turn left.  I checked traffic both directions, nothing coming.  So I pulled out and made my left turn.  After I turned, I could catch a slight glimpse of a small sports car coming up behind me FAST, probably 3X the legal speed limit.  When it caught up to me, it pulled over onto the left side of the road, BLARED THE HORN STEADY and I thought it was going to pass me.  To my shock, the driver slowed when she was near my tractor and stayed with me IN THE WRONG LANE.  I'm looking at her wondering WTF???  She's flipping me off and screaming at me and taking pictures (looks like taking pictures) with her phone.  We drove for probably a quarter mile or so (the truck stop was a bit off the highway).  All the time she's keeping pace with me in the OPPOSING traffic lane.  Finally we reach the truck stop where I need to turn in so I turn my left turn signal on.  She freaks out and locks up all four wheels to fall behind me.  I pull into the back of the truck parking area and find a spot to park my truck.  But I'm keeping one eye on the sports car, and I see it make a beeline for a marked state trooper vehicle.  I can't imagine what kind of bullshit she was trying to feed to the statie.  She was really pissed at me for apparently daring to drive a truck to the truck stop.  (!!!!)   She was so angry at me, that she was motivated to drive negligently and aggressively around me to prove her point...whatever that was.  I sat in the truck for about 20 minutes, getting my log book caught up.  Then I could see her and the statie wandering around and banging on doors of trucks that looked kind of similar to mine.  I was hungry, so I got out of the truck and went into the truck stop restaurant to eat.  On the way, I passed by her (on foot) maybe 10 feet away from her.  She looked right at me but didn't recognize me.  

    Why am I telling you this story?  Because some people are just crazy.  And they are even crazier when a truck is involved.  I learned that from experience.  What most drivers don't know is that the vast majority of big truck accidents are directly caused by the actions of people driving vehicles with exactly 4 wheels on them.  Many big truck drivers lose control while trying to save the lives of people near them who are driving things like ford exploders and honda queludes

  • Tj
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    Not to worry, its over, you did not do anything wrong. Many stores also have video cams in their lots, so You would have proof.

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    Anyone can lie about anything, but since there was no damage to anyone or anything they have nothing to report. Also, putting your hands in the air does not usually indicate readiness to fight, it indicates frustration.

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  • marty
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    1 month ago

    No they can't.  What you went through is something that happens all the time but most people are understanding.  You just got a hot head and everything will be fine. 

  • 1 month ago

    Anybody can always lie about anything , of course.  Did you see them photographing your plates? If not, don't worry about further involvement. If they did, its unlikely they would take the time and trouble to follow up , in any case. The world is full of whackos.

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