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Should I text him?

My recent relationship ended on bad terms after he stated that he regretted the relationship from the beginning, he isn't ready for a relationship, and that it's 100% him not me. He asked to be friends in two separate texts. I had deleted him off everything at this point except Xbox and was ignoring his text. After ignoring his second large paragraph of wanting to be friends and how sorry he was he unfriended me off Xbox and that was that. Now 9 days later I am tempted to text him since it was left on bad terms and say "Hey. I know we left on bad terms and that I ignored your text. You had hurt me a lot for lying to me and leading me on. Instead of reacting immediately I simply took time for myself. And I guess I just wanted to say that I will always remember the time we spent and what you entering my life taught me. And i wish you the best, Justin." I'm stuck between just leaving it as is and continuing to move on and not giving in. Or texting him that and maybe getting myself some type of closure and to ease my mind. 

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    Sounds like texting him would be a better choice for both of you. Actually TALKING would be the best choice, but I gather that adolescents don't actually talk much anymore and instead they resort to texting so that no one has to actually confront or converse with anyone.

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