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If Islam is such a peaceful religion as its defenders say, then why do Islamic atrocities dominate this list of terrorist attacks?

Clearly Islam isn't as peaceful as some say. No other religion, or political ideology, comes close to its death count. The "far right", liberals' favourite boogeyman, pale in comparison.

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    Leftists and muslims are on the same team against the conservative west.  Of course, leftists will lose if the conservative west is destroyed, since muslims take homosexuals and throw them off roofs head first with a bag over their heads, and then dress women in bags from head to toe, and kill any woman seen speaking with a man on the street.

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    They lied. It's NOT very peaceful. I should know, I have read and understood the islamic scriptures (Quran, hadiths and Sira) several times. It never gets better

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    You can’t judge the whole of Islam on actions of the terrorists. That’s like judging all Catholics on the actions of the IRA or all Protestants on the actions of the Ulster Loyalists. True religious people don’t condone acts of terrorism being done in the name of their faith. 

  • The Christian Allies defeated Pagan (formerly Christian) Germans. 1945.

    The casualties in comparison to your atrocities are a different magnitude.NBIt's easy to get the foolish to throw away their Life, esp. if rewards are eternal.

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    I think you got your right wing memes mixed up with reality, religions are only as peaceful as the people who follow them, no one has claimed otherwise. Every religion has it's collections of violent people, read a history book sometime.

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    leave the thinking to your little sister

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