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Was the Stonehaven train derailed by an explosion?

There is no evidence of any landslip in any of the photos released of the wreckage. In fact the wreckage looks more consistent with the damage caused by a bomb. The fact that the train caught fire supports this. Trains rarely catch fire due to a normal derailment. I served in the Army during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so have seen the damage caused to vehicles by explosions first hand. Perhaps the Government is attempting to cover up yet another incident of Islamic terrorism, as they have done in the past. As well as the "grooming gangs" in Rotherham, Telford etc.

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    I agree that it doesn't appear to be a normal derailment which would be caused by a landslip. A landslip would not cause such a severe fire either.

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    Have you considered that you might be a moron, but too stupid to realise it?

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    no one cares what a no mark cannon fodder thinks

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