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Visa for my Turkish boyfriend UK?

Hi, I need help about a visa application. My boyfriend ls currently living in Turkey and I live in the UK and we want to get married soon. What visa would be advisable for him to get to come here and eventually live in the UK with me?

It would be ideal if he is allowed to work here too when he arrives. 

Thanks x

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    Like others have said, he will need a fiance visa. YOU need to meet the criteria to sponsor him, so you need to be working and earning at least £18,600. If you have kids to support that amount will be higher. You need your own place to live, so not living with parents etc.  

    If you haven't ever met him in person, then you need to do so before you apply for any visa.

    He cannot work for six months, hence the need for to you to support him. You get no tax payers help here. Once you are married he can apply for a spouse visa. Once that has been approved, he can work here.

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    There are no bf/gf visas, no shack-up visas. IF you are getting married, then you need to prove you earn enough to meet UK support requirements (GBP18,600/yr) and have a suitable home in UK for you & your spouse. Since you cannot be receiving or have received any "benefits," you must purchase or rent your home on the open market, no council housing. IF you meet those requirements, then study UK's govt immigration website for forms & instructions, fees, procedures, etc.

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    The only visa would be a fiance visa and that requires you to be working and earning at least £18,600 having worked for the same employer for at least 6 months have a privately rented property with a  letter from the landlord to give permission for him to move it, a copy of your contract showing rent and length of contract or your own home and  that you make claim to no benefits.........along with proving you have met in person and have a real relationship, that you have attended events together, met and know about each others family and he  is not just an online chatter or someone you happened to meet once on holiday....... if he gets the visa he can then arrive in the UK and you have 90 days to marry or he goes home

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