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Golf doesn't make me happy anymore. Time to quit? ?

Hey guys I am facing a dilemma. So last year I picked up the game again after not playing for 17 years and got myself down as low as a 0 handicap at one point during the season. This year I became a member at a different course that is a little more challenging and I'm playing to a 3 handicap. The thing is I feel like the fire is not really there anymore like it was when I was in my teens and thought that I had the potential to play on tour one day since I was young and only had room for improvement. Golf to me has always been about playing at the highest level and to be honest with you if I'm not playing in events that can make me money I'm really not interested in playing the game. Amateur golf does nothing for me, absolutely nothing. I don't have aspirations of being some guy who wins his club championship and being happy with that. If I'm going to play golf I want to be competing in pro events for money, and since I'm a 3 handicap that is not going to happen obviously. 

Going out and shooting 75 or 76 every single time is something I couldn't care less about to be honest with you.

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    You don't like golf?  I think there are therapists for that.

  • 2 months ago

    If you're unhappy playing, you should stop.

  • Then quit.  I made peace with the fact that I'll always be a single-digit handicapper (got as low as a 2.3 index, right now I'm at a 6.4) a while back and I'm actually enjoying it more.

    If you can't just enjoy the game for what it is, maybe it's not for you.  You could always find a mini-tour that will take you (and your four-figure entry fee every week where you have to top-10 to make your money back) and see how that goes.To even think about being a professional your index should be in the +5 to +7 range (if you went out on the Korn Ferry or even the McKenzie Tour with a 0 handicap, you're getting slaughtered), and even then, playing tournament golf has zero relationship with playing casual rounds.  I've watched enough tournament rounds inside the ropes from being a volunteer marshal; they're playing a completely different game than mortals are.  

  • 3 months ago

    sounds like Tiger Woods 3 years ago.   Because he was addicted to something else that made us HUMAN.   

    you know.... people get bored with anything if you are doing it too much..... 

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    3 months ago

    What's the point of golfing if you no longer especially enjoy it in any way? Yeah, give it up. Find something within your capabilities which offers lots of room for learning and improvement, whether it's a physical activity or a handicraft.

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