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I live in Spain under before my birth Fransisco Franco. Is your American president any different than Franco?

If so I welcome your commentary. I must admit I am not an idiot. You actually have facts ( proven )


@Anonymous. Do not pretend you're not anonymous because you are afraid of being noticed. Therefor, Excuse me of being a non-American but PROVE that I do not live anywhere else. Just prove it as a person and not as a non-equity. You are the Fake news not me as I am exposed

Update 2:

So MJT209 as someone from the UK. You are not at all worried about this guys agenda ?

Update 3:

I will never thumb you down. I will disagree

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    well, I am sure even Franco knew what year WW2 ended. 

    Trump clearly doesn't. 

    He also believes it only ended,  because  "all the soldiers got sick". 

    and ya the know the STUPIDEST  part , Vega ???

    Is that half the country is **still** gonna vote for this moron. 

    George Washington attacking the airports in 1775........

    Windmills cause cancer.....

    let's NUKE Hurricanes.........

    WW2  ended in 1917.....because of a pandemic............

    and people are ***STILL*** going to support and vote for him. 

    It boggles the mind. 


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  • Mrs H
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    5 months ago

    His IQ is certainly different. We need to get rid of him and the idiots enabling him 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    MJT209. Glad. Just glad you are not a representative for me or MY people. I've know you as long as I have known LBM and you are both icons. But not decision makers. Thank God

  • ?
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    5 months ago

    sorry mate, but I'm English and not hidden, but wanted to answer, Franco was a Dictator, and that gets worse and worse as you seek to hold on to power, Trump wishes he was a dictator, the only people he admires are dictators, he'd even change the constitution if he could to stay in power.

    But I believe the Americans will not fall for that, and Trump will go down as a failure.

    It was a different world when Franco was around, modern America would not allow it.

    Edit: I would be shitting myself if they let him loose but I believe , the military, law enforcement and secret service won't let him go too far, he'll find out who really runs the country, he would be declared insane first.

    That's your choice Vega and I respect that, I  can't see that America will let Trump ...say Nuke anyone first for example.

    I can see America nuking the hell out of anyone attacking them, but not letting Trump take a first strike

    TU weasel, good answer

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Don't pretend you're not American and can't speak perfectly good English. You've posted enough questions for enough years we all know you don't speak in broken English. Stop trolling. By the way, we also know you're that other guy whose name I forget but who uses the picture of a gay porn star for his icon.

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