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Bfn or bfp? 12 dpo?

I’ve been feeling sick since 7 dpo. I don’t usually feel nausea/sick feeling before AF. I’ve taken 2 tests a few days ago which were bfn’s. I know I am early and I am not due till this weekend. On this tests I thought I could see a second line but not sure so I turned up the brightness so you guys could see what I’m talking about. I’m at a loss. It’s not an evap line cause it came up when I took it. 

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  • LizB
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    1 month ago

    Looks negative to me, sorry. =( It's still quite possible to still be getting a false negative at this point, but I do think it's likely that your nausea is being caused be something else. hCG levels typically aren't high enough to cause nausea as a symptom until 6-7 weeks, if it occurs at all.

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