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Why do men say women are bad drivers while it’s men actually who make the most deadly car crashes in the world ?

Most car accidents worldwide are caused by men. 

Men kill passengers way more then women do, studies have shown that women are actually safer drivers and make way less car accidents. Most car accident videos on tv and youtube are caused by men as you can see as well.

I feel much more safer in a car when a woman drives and prefer them over male drivers. Men just drive too dangerous and you ain’t better drivers then women, in fact you are worse! 

So shut the fvck up about women already with your stupid sexist stereotypes! 


Bill shut the fvck up, men are worse drivers. 

My father got killed in a car accident by a MAN. 

Update 2:

Bill men get in less accidents???? You got to be kidding me

Update 3:

Green Puffin Aww getting all defensive over men you sensitive loser while most of them love to put women down and be sexist. If they can do it so CAN I. 

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    1 month ago
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    Surprise men hate women and mock them every chance they get.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Women text and drive men drink and drive

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    It's mostly a stereotype left over from a time when very few women drove.  When families only had one car, and only one parent worked, and that parent was the father.  Who drove the family car to his job, while Mom walked or took the bus.

    None of that has been the norm for decades.

    But even when it was the norm, the kinds of accidents women got into were similar to the ones that teenagers get into when learning to drive.  Low-speed "fender benders" caused by unfamiliarity with where things are.  High-speed collisions that total cars and kill people were almost entirely cause by men.


    Incidentally - for those who claim the accident rates for men and women are proportional to the number of miles driven : Actual statistics from organizations like NHTSA or NTSB, or from professional insurance actuaries show that men have a higher number of serious accidents per mile driven than women do.

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    That's a silly statement to make, bearing in mind that the majority of people that drive worldwide are men.  Think about all those countries where women don't or aren't allowed to drive.  Pots calling kettles black comes to mind about your last statement, ie that your accusing people of being sexist, when it's you, who've made this sexist question.

    I'm female and generally not sexist, however I've seen just as many dangerous women as male drivers, so I think both genders are more than capable of being a weapon of mass destruction behind the wheel of their cars.

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  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    Men drive more and get into less accidents, so yeah men are in fact better drivers using the accident argument. The issue is that men get into more expensive accidents due to driving at higher speeds when they happen. 

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    The men in the insurance industry do not say that.  They say that young men are way more dangerous drivers than young women.  

    I saw an article about a young man who chose to be a female just for the savings on car insurance.  (Never saw any follow up about how it turned out).

    I expect that men, especially young ones, could be good drivers, but testosterone drives them to test the limits too often.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Men and women cause accidents proportionally the same per hour on the road, but men drive, much, much more than women.   

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    1 month ago

    There are a two possibilities here.

    1. They're ignorant to the statistics and genuinely don't know any better so they haven't formed an opinion based on fact


    2. They're just sexist or misogynistic for whatever reason

    Hope that answers your question!

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