What will happen to ingrown hair stuck under skin and now disappeared under new skin?

I had an ingrown hair on my chin. I could see the grey outline through the skin. I used a sterilised needle to poke under the skin and lift it out but it split in the middle. I used a tweezer on both ends but they were both really stuck in the skin and it got sore so I left it.

Meaning the root was still under the skin, and the top half of the hair had done a 180 and pointed back down into the chin instead of out of the chin and above the skin, meaning it’s pointing the wrong direction.The skin was sore so it caused a slight sore area where new skin/small scab grew over it.

The new skin developed over it in 24 hours, and I left it to not make it any worse and new skin grew over the next week, making both ends of the ingrown hair disappear under the skin (neither end came out, they were too wedged in.

It’s been a few months and those two pieces of hair have never resurfaced. I saw the grey shadow of both split ends under before the new skin covered it for good.

Will the body have destroyed the hair under the skin or will the hair still be stuck somewhere under the skin? I know for a fact they did not come out. I check daily. So if the body can’t break down hair stuck under the skin, how long will both ends stay there?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Ive seen lots of youtube vids where the hair just keeps growing in a coil under the skin... you need to get it out while the skin is thin. 

  • A
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    chances are it will irritate the area and cause a pimple or cyst

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