Legally, how does my outcome look?

Not long ago I was involved in a car accident. I was traveling straight through an intersection and the defendant was traveling parallel and attempting to make a left turn, she hit me While turning left on my driver side and I swerved off the road. I expected her to U turn and come to the scene but she left, I called the police and reported a hit and run. The police arrived to the scene with her driving behind, I guess she had gone to pick up her husband and brother? The officer issued her a ticket for making an illegal turn/failing to yield and we all parted ways. Since the accident my back began to hurt and I have had to undergo therapy for months, and my car is most likely considered totaled. I am now going to court because her insurance denies responsibility because she stated that I ran a red light (which I did not and I wasn’t he one to receive any tickets). Should I be worried? Is there something I should know?

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    no you shouldnt be worried...but you should be prepared.

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    your insurance should be dealing with her insurance on this.  otherwise, it is he said, she said and the court will likely conclude that the officer had it right ... left turn does not have the right of way until AFTER traffic clears in my state.  PS:  if you had run a red, you'd have hit her, not she hit you.

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