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The Hiring Manager and HR viewed my LinkedIn profile on Monday morning, but did not ask for an interview. Should I contact them?

So I applied for a job on Sunday night via Glassdoor. Early Monday morning, I've realized that the hiring manager viewed my profile, followed by HR (who viewed it twice). However, it's Thursday and I never received an email to interview.

My resume and LinkedIn profile match - the only thing I left out on my LinkedIn is the reason why I'm unemployed (due to being a caregiver for my mom), which I put on my resume. I also keep things very professional on LinkedIn. 

I also match all of the requirements in the job description. 

My plan is to wait until next week Monday and then contact them. But is this a good idea?


So some good news - while I never contacted them, they did ask for an interview this morning! Woohoo!

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    Doesn't hurt to call. Don't get discouraged as the job market is very competitive right now during COVID-19. Employers are only keeping businesses running for a certain amount of hours each day and are only open so many days per week. The staff that has already been hired are having their hours cut shorter, also. 

    I've been looking for a job for months with no luck. It also doesn't help that most employers want experience for every damn menial job on the planet. So, I quit looking and decided to become self - employed to build my resume. That way, if I ever feel the need to try to reenter the job market again or if a cure is found for COVID, I'd have a slightly easier time the next time around.

    If you need money, are you available to: Clean houses, walk dogs, babysit, do yard work, etc? I do all of these things weekly, and I'm making quite a lot more money than I would be if I was working hourly for an employer. 

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    Never hurts to show initiative, so follow up do see where your applications sits.

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    Why wait. Contact them and show interest in the job. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If they have all ready decided to pass on your application you haven't lost anything.

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