michinoku2001 asked in SportsHockey · 1 month ago

Why did the Pens trade away Fluery even though he is awesome?

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    They didn't.  They left him unprotected in the 2017 expansion draft for Vegas (teams could protect 1 goalkeeper on their roster and 10 skaters).  The Penguins were staring at salary cap issues, and it was either protect Fleury or Matt Murray (who was cheaper and at the time better).  Teams will go through the same thing in a year when Seattle's expansion draft takes place (teams will be able to protect 10 skaters and 1 goalkeeper on their roster along with anyone on an ELC).  

  • opurt
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    1 month ago

    Technically speaking they didn't trade him, Vegas picked him up in the Expansion draft. Though the Pens did throw a pick to Vegas to make sure they picked him instead of somebody else.

    Basically came down to them having Matt Murray who was as good as Fleury but on a cheaper contract, so losing him was more about opening up some cap space.

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