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Is there a proper way to ask without sounding cheap?

My sister and I are having 2 of our friends over tomorrow for a potluck. Instead of making something, we'll each be buying something. Last time we had a potluck with 3 of our friends, everyone brought more than one thing (e.g., a main dish, side, drinks) so we had plenty of food. However, although tomorrow is a potluck it seems that our friends want us to provide all the food. They haven’t mentioned what they’re bringing ever since we made plans nor have asked what they can bring. My sis and I planned to provide pizza, drinks, and snacks. If pizza ends up being the only dish we eat, it seems like my sister and I will have to swallow the cost and buy enough. However, we could spend less and buy less if we knew one of our friends was bringing a side dish or something like that. I guess I was wondering if there was a nice way to ask what they’re bringing before we order the pizza without sounding cheap? The pizza place is literally right behind my apartment complex so when my friends come and if they don’t bring anything, is it rude to order then and ask to split the cost? Due to food allergies, this is one of the only places that provides pizza we can all eat and it’s pretty expensive. They’re planning on coming at 4 and we plan to eat at 6 and watch movies. Also, we’re all broke college kids and we’re getting together at my place since my sister and I don’t have roommates and our friends do, if that changes anything. Thanks!


@Camme: will do, thanks! what do you think I should do about the food thing, though?

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    Send out an email to the group, put that you are buying 2 small pizzas and a few drinks, and ask what the others are bringing

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    You have said this get together is a potluck, so by definition this is everyone contributing to the gathering.  Advised your guests you are supplying the pizza and ask them what they are bringing.  Conversely, make a food suggestion.

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    i dont see anything wrong with asking

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    Make sure to wear masks and social distance.

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