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Can I still sue a doctor after 10 years?

I was 13 at the time and the new thing around school was nut checking. I still remember the pain of waking up and my sack swollen to a size of a fist. So i went to the ER and they gave me a shot to the butt. Then i followed up with my family doctor. The swelling went down i still experienced 3-6 on the pain scale when walking. But when the pain went away my testicle has been shrunken down to nearly non existent. I asked my family doctor on every follow up and he insisted that it was normal. Now that im older and im no doctor but i did ask around and most say if the treatment was right i wouldnt have had to lose one of my testicles. And i stil live in minor pain sometimes it comes back but its a 1-2 but not severe. Not to mention the affects it has on a mans psych which is detrimental and i have to live with it for the rest of my life.


P.S. i didnt say i lost it i said it shrunk to a size of a small bean.

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    Different jurisdictions have different statutes of limitations on such things. Go talk to a medical malpractice lawyer. Then go talk to a cosmetic surgeon because testicles are easily replaced with prosthetics for aesthetic purposes. They even do that with some show dogs. Pretty sure Lance Armstrong has had this surgery. 

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    Your first step is to actually get an exam and have a Dr evaluate the damage.

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    I'm not buying it, sorry.  You can't just magically lose a testicle without some operation to remove it.  You would've mentioned this in your description, but you didn't.

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