After Effects of Alcohol-Induced Panic Attack?

So about last week on Saturday I went over to my buddies and we had WAY too many drinks to the point that I was sure I had alcohol poisoning. I threw up before falling asleep and the next morning, and then made the STUPID decision to go play some basketball. I was breathing fine while playing except for regular fatigue but when I went home I passed out and didn't eat at all. I woke up the next morning and noticed I was really weak and so I tried to do some light excersice. This is when everything went wrong. My hands and feet started to tingle and I was short of breathe so I panicked to the point that my body seized up and I had my first panic attack. The paramedics came and did tests and pretty much confirmed it was a panic attack so they let me go. Its been probably 3-4 days since the attack and since then I've been feeling a pain in my chest and I'm lightheaded. I'm drinking and eating regularly, but my hypochondriac *** keeps thinking it's something more serious like DVT or PE. I guess my question is from the perspective of someone who has anxiety/panic disorder, is it normal to feel chest pain and lightheadedness days or even a week after a panic attack. This may sound like a stupid question but it's pretty scary being as this has never happened before. I ask to only receive helpful informative answers, especially from people who may have went through this before. Thank you.

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