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Which is more serious: a tear in the knee ligaments or a tear in the meniscus?

And by the way, is the meniscus the only form of cartilage in the knee?

Or aside from the meniscus, is there anything else that accounts as a cartilage, such as something between the knee cap and the bones (because from what I know the meniscus are the discs between the femur and the tibia?)

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    It depends on the tear and what ligaments are torn because they have different recovery rates. MCL and LCL tears can heal on their own depending on the size of the tear. On the other hand, an ACL tear is a 9-12 month recovery. There is the PCL as well, but that's rarely torn by itself. For a meniscus tear, if the meniscus tear is removed, recovery is 4-6 weeks. If a meniscus tear is repaired, recovery is 4-6 months. 

    There is articular cartilage in the knee as well. This covers the ends of the bones. That said, when someone refers to torn cartilage in the knee, they're most likely referring to the meniscus. 

    Source(s): I tore my meniscus and had knee surgery.
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