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Im interested in this new construction house , and recently paid an engineer to come and look at it. One of the main things was that it has a cesspool system and he couldnt find the trap or the vent outside. There is a vent on the roof though. Is a cesspool not having a trap in the basement realy bad? Also not finding the vent outside? We still need to ask the builder to locate the cesspool but... tell me what u guys think. 

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    Water supply systems equipment

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    im a builder in uk ..your cesspool is our cesspit ..basically a hole that stores waste ..nothing like a septic system   ..a cesspit is extremely rare today ..went out years ago find it hard to believe they will do it on a newbuild ..the vent on roof is to stop smells coming into house must have vents somewhere ...and if newbuild its on the drawings 

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    My last house was out in the country. It had a septic system but the only vents were on the roof. The drain line from the house to the septic tank does not run full so it is self venting back to the drains in the house. 


    As for the location of the septic tank. You need to know where the tank is as well as the drain field. That is unless you have an aerobic septic system in which case you need to know where the sprinklers are.

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    Your engineer is stupid. 

    ASK CITY HALL  Planning Department.  Go  down and wear a mask. Honestly I had to Google that to get a clearer understanding of Cesspool.  I mean it is used in everyday language.  If you were ever in the military, you would have had to dig a latrine hole for the outhouse to sit over it.  It is just a hole in the ground 6 feet down.  (Basically a schit pit) No running water so no flush toilet.A cesspool is basically that.  Not meant for much running water and it is made out of concrete.  Ancient technology. Like they stopped using it in France in the 1600's Meaning any running water went out elsewhere.. ASK CITY HALL about your property.  They had to pass every stage of development(and it first starts at the schitter) If that don't pass then the house does not get built. PERIOD.They are fussy about that.  There is no fudging it either.  The inspector CAN'T be bought. I am thinking you got septic tank and a septic field.  If you Google you will find detailed pictures of each system type.  Septic is where sewer lines are not(mainly because the area is on the outskirts of the town and nearly nobody lives in your neighborhood.  Yearly Taxes pay for the sewer line running past your house under the main road. And when they are in your area tearing up the streets to lay sewer pipe.. No house can be built in secret.City knows where old creek beds used to run 200+years, before your house was built.  They know where the old lowlands (swamps) used to be before they brought in 1000 truckloads of fill to fill it.. Can you build there?  Only if you connect to the sewer line that runs past it.. As much as I can understand it is a dry schit pit.  Not meant for flush toilets, sinks, dishwashers, kitchen sinks, bathtubs,(all that grey water has to go elsewhere like maybe a dry-well or it is piped onto the grass. . The Pee-trap is the toilet itself.  so long as there is water in the bowl then it traps the gases down so you do not smell the cesspool.  Every sink has a U connection under the drain that always contains water and this is the Pee trap for the sinks so you are not snorting up cesspool gases.  That stinky gas smell goes up to the roof.  That vent on the roof is enough. City hall will know if your house is even LEGAL do not be in a rush to Lose your cash to a CON.  Maybe the system still has to be connected.  (though I can't see a house getting this far without the Septic field being OK'd first.)

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    Cesspool??? You must mean septic tank. Not sure what kind of engineer you talked to, I ain't a pro but I know that the roof vent is for the septic tank which every home has, or should have, and it typically runs from the basement to the roof. Most homes do not have direct access to their septic tank.   

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    cesspool, on new construction, where are you that they still go that route?  They did not used to have vents outside on these types of systems. As far as a trap in the basement, I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about.

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