I cant sleep help?

I cant ever have a good night full sleep anymore the most I can sleep is 3 hours a day I keep waking up middle of the night when I sleep early maybe is also because is summer is very hot I just cant sleep I keep thinking about alot of random stuff or watch videos before bed then I cant sleep...... my sleeping schedule been ruined for over a year now how can I get it fix? I try to get it fix before by staying up all night until the next day but then I would take a nap and ruined my schedule again I would get a headache staying up until the next day so I take nap i dont know how I'm going to fix this.... 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Schedule an appointment with your family doctor and show them what you have written here when they ask what brings you in today.  Once they have finished reading it you can have a frank discussion on how you are doing.  They can do a full physical and neurological workup to discover any medical issues that need to be addressed.  They can refer you to a sleep specialist for a sleep study and then your doctor can refer you to a mental health professional for an evaluation of your current mental state.  Once all the evaluations are completed a treatment plan can be created that should be able to help you.

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