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if gods angel gave u an option to repeat and chang an event in life would u focus more on a boyfriend?


see i still remeber in 2013 pouring kersone on my body and taking a hot showeer. after 4 hours, itelling my parents im sorry for being a moron brain wise and i dont want a boyfrind! 

i shud have just done what i wanted.that is an event i wish to change.

Update 2:

i would focus on runnin away moving in with a bf and doing a job.

I had no reason to worry about my family or society. or wedding halls.

but i was scared.

Update 3:

thx for the answers...

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  • Alan H
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    3 months ago
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    Instead of imagining changing the past (which cannot me done) focus on building your future.... which is largely in your hands

  • 3 months ago


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