I can’t log into my personalised email?

Okay, this is a long one. Sorry. 

A few years ago I mean an instagram for my work place and made a custom email so that it wouldn’t be associated with mine. My boss now wants access to this insta - but I can’t remember the password. When I click I can’t remember it, it sends a reset link to the work email I made. Here comes my next issue - this isn’t a gmail, or hotmail address, it’s custom and I don’t know which website I made it on. For example it goes along the lines of enquiries@company.org.ukI don’t remember the password to this either (I thought I had it written down, apparently not. But I imagine the two passwords are the same). But I can’t log into this email or rest the password as there isn’t a website which lets me log into it. 

Basically, has anyone ever had success contacting Instagram - they don’t have a contact or help team but surely there must be a department somewhere. Or does anyone know how I can locate the domain for this email and/or reset the password so I can access the instagram rest email! 

Thank you - and yes I know this would all be avoided if I knew the password. I thought I did, had it remembered for a couple years but now I’ve typed in every password I can think of and none work 

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  • 5 months ago

    This is a prime example of why we document things so much in IT. In my office we had spreadsheet after spreadsheet documenting everything from special passwords to software versions.  Another thing here, is that you used a NON-work email for your WORK  related Instagram, which again plays havoc with what is needed.  

    Ok, that said, They do have a direct phone number and email — their contact phone number is (650) 543-4800, and their contact email is support@instagram.com — but it's unlikely you'll get a human response through these channels.  You may want to try, but be forewarned, that without some form of identification ie: how you can prove you own that account - they may not even stoop to help you.  

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