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Why do guys find girls attractive?

What is the objective reason for guys finding girls attractive? I don't get it. What's so attractive about boobs, curves, a tiny head, lack of muscle and a lack of defined jawline? I just really don't get it. Muscle is objectively attractive so I can understand why girls are attracted to guys, it makes sense. Guys on the other hand, seem to be attracted to fat... Fat, really? That's what boobs are made up of. And wide hips just look weird and out of place. A defined jawline is also objectively attractive, and very few girls have this, it's not a feminine feature. I can't think of one feminine feature that is actually attractive. Girls just look too cutesy, I don't get it. The guys around me seem like they're genuinely into girls. 


Thank you for the reassurance. As a guy, I don't like not being able to relate to other guys in my class. 

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    There is no 'objective' reason because there is no objective 3rd party to make reasons. Also, all the things you described as "objectively attractive" are totally subjective and your attraction to them is a product of your cultural upbringing and cultural assumptions. Hetero males find females attractive because we're hard-wired at a primal level to find them so, and the traits we find attractive are primitive cues that indicate childbearing proclivities to that primitive, subconscious part of us. You don't have to like that answer, but it's just biology dude. You can't argue with it.

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    if you are gay then thats ok don't worry about it, if you like muscular men and not big titties then just go for it, look for another gay man to date and have a good life, good luck enjoy :)

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    So you are a guy who likes guys?  You don't know much about the facts of life do you.  Read some books.  The answer to your question will be in one of them.

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    Maybe you might like a female bodybuilder?  I dunno.

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    I can guarantee given a couple years you'll understand. I was in the place as you where when I was younger. 

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