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Is it ok if I date while I wait for someone?

The man who I adore left me saying he might want to get back with me when he's ready. To not loose my self confidence I've thought of going on dates in the meantime, it seems like it will take a while for him to reach out. Is it mean to do that to other guys when I don't really want them for the long term? Should I tell them about it? HELP

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    I think dating other people is a very good idea.  It'll give you other guys to compare with this rather wishy-washy person you have got stuck with.  You happen to adore him despite the fact he's just put you on the back burner until HE is ready to resume your relationship.  It WON'T be the same if and when he does ever come back.  As you mature you will realise that he's treating you like a thing rather than a person.  He has stuck you in a cupboard with his other toys and will open that cupboard when he fancies playing with his toys again.  What are you supposed to do?  Just sit there quietly and uncomplainingly?  He's a jerk my dear and if he opened that cupboard tomorrow, you will find yourself resenting his behaviour.  You now know that he doesn't care for you as much as you care for him.  Learn from that fact.  You sound like a nice person who wants to do the right thing and not string along other guys (as YOU have been strung along by this jerk).  Yes.  Go out and have fun with other guys.  Just let them know from the outset that you are just out of a relationship so you just want fun for a while - nothing deep - no deep relationships.  You are licking your wounds and getting out and about.  Who knows......Mr. Right might fall into YOUR lap and then you can put Mr.Jerk into YOUR toy cupboard.  YES. Go out and enjoy yourself with your girlfriends and big social groups.  Have a few dates here and there.  Why not?  There's nothing stopping you.  Good luck.

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