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Pls tell me in a few days I won’t feel shattered!?

I just send a long txt to a guy you led me on. I basically went berserk in the txts and have him a piece of my mind. I called him every single name o could thing of and tell him he was a pple’s user. Now the thing is Sending those txts and getting everything I’ve been holding in off my chest kinda feel great. I feel way lighter and all I can think is how much of a cruel person he is. He hasn’t txted me back and I’m thinking of blocking him before he says anything. Someone please tell me in a couple of days I won’t be feeling all bad and wanting to apologise lol. The guy deserves it, he has emotionally destroyed me

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    Oh yes.  Great.  Good for you.  Yes block him immediately so he can't retaliate.  What wonderful revenge.  I find that putting it all down on paper is very releasing.  You did it on text which isn't quite the same but it had the same effect for you.  If you have any other feelings you want to vent, print them up and then ritually burn the paper.  Angry stuff, like you hate someone but haven't actually told them so (maybe a family member where it's best to hold your tongue for everyone else's sake) should be treated like this.  As you have discovered, it lightens your emotional load.  You have got it all off your chest like a confessional.  This chap led you on and broke your heart.  In a few days you'll feel miserable because you will, naturally, miss him and what you always hoped might have been......but deep down you know that what you wished for with him is just never going to happen.  You've dumped that all into that text so it now won't hurt you quite as much as it would have done if you hadn't texted him.  When you feel sad, remember that he's history and thoughts of him is just a habit.  Get out and about and be very busy to keep your mind occupied with other thoughts so there's no room for him to sneak in.  Good luck

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    You'll feel fine in less than a week. You did the right thing.

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    Why would you feel bad? He clearly hurt you and you let him know how you felt. I would suggest blocking him and forgetting about it, its best not to waste any more time on him.

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