Is it normal to get hot flashes and uterine cramping when expecting pregnancy? Feels like period?

I'm on cycle day 21 and hoping so much to be pregnant but I get very subtle hot flashes and cramping again as if I am going to get an early period. I guess the chances of being pregnant are slim...

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  • 2 months ago
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    No, neither of those are normal symptoms of pregnancy. Of course, if your are on day 21 or your cycle and ovulated a few days ago, you would barely be pregnant if you are at all.

    The "symptoms" of pregnancy are from an increase in hormones the happen after implantation. It is very rare for any woman to have "symptoms" before missing a period because there simply isn't enough hormone being produced to cause a symptom.  Cramping is a sign that your uterus is going to release the lining,  not that you are pregnant.

    I'd suggest you stop looking for signs that aren't there and just  wait it out.  If you period doesn't arrive, take a home test when you are a week late.  

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