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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 5 months ago

John Morrison, The Miz, Bobby Roode, or Dolph Ziggler?

Who is the best at tag team wrestling?

Who is the best at singles wrestling?

Who is the most confident and self-assured?

Who has the best persona?

Who has the best mic-skills?

Who has the coolest look?

Who do you think has a better mind for the business?

Who is the best heel?

Who is the best face?Who is the most talented all around?

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    5 months ago
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    1. I'd argue Roode.  Beer Money was something special that I don't think any of the others touched on the same level when it comes to relevance or chemistry.

    2. Morrison.  I have my qualms with how Miz wrestles at times still despite him being the more successful name on the list.  Bobby did fine in TNA, but in WWE he never really had a breakout match, and Dolph has good matches but they never feel like they're main event worthy.  Morrison has a very diverse in-ring game and great psychology, along with a great look and a good level of mic skill.

    3. Probably Dolph.  He rarely messes up and just strikes me as someone in general who doesn't understand the word 'no'.  I feel like Miz has his hangups that probably make him a better performer, and Morrison and Roode tend to waffle on the bigger stage.  Say what you want about Dolph, but he's believed himself enough to pull himself up by the boot straps countless times to land in the main event.  That kind of tenacity comes from a great sense of self-worth.

    4. Miz.  He's dymanic, he's one of those heels who can be a joke or a deadly threat.  It's a rare dynamic to have a character with so many levels and the talent to pull them all off.

    5.  Again, I have to go with The Miz.  The man has a gift of gab.

    6.  Morrison, without question.  He's just got a himbo look that's just timeless and versatile.

    7. That's a harder question to answer.  I think Roode will someday be a great road agent honestly, and that takes a great knowledge of the inner workings of wrestling and the psychology of wrestling as a whole.  Miz knows how to play the WWE game better than anyone at this point, which is the only reason I can ever find for such an average looking guy headlining as much as he does and gaining the spotlight every time he's given room to talk himself into the role.  He gets how the WWE system works and seems to have a cheat code for it, but having a mind for being a WWE employee and having a mind for wrestling are two different things.  Morrison's been everywhere and seen everything.  Considering how self-promoted in the spotlight and DIY he was during his time outside of the WWE, I'd be hard pressed to think of someone who has the mileage and ingenuity in modern wrestling that Morrison seems to have.  The guy's a self-starter, and I'm going to go ahead and guess that he probably gets the best of both worlds when it comes to knowing how to position yourself on WWE television and get to the top of any card you happen to land on.8. The Miz.  In a modern age of smart marks who boo faces and cheer heels, Miz has been able to find a way to shift the paradigm back on it's axis and have people boo him for all the right reasons.9. I don't think of any of them as exemplary faces honestly.  Even when Miz is trying to be the good guy he comes off as being cocky.  Robert Roode was a good face in TNA, but nowhere near the level that he reached as a heel.  Morrison's almost the opposite of the Miz, in that he can be the cool guy but he's just too good looking to really root for.  I guess I'll hand it to Dolph. The man's gotten people behind him with his underdog, put-upon, show stealer persona that honestly is more well liked when he's not being whiny and sniveling and delivering the same promo each week.

    10. For me it's between Roode and Morrison.  Morrison has the edge on athleticism, but Roode has a more textbook and polished style and cleaner mic work.  If forced tomorrow to start a company with one of these men as the head star, I'd have to go Roode.  Despite looking like a dad and wrestling like your dad's favorite wrestler, I think he'd be better at talking people into the building and holding a crowd's attention longer.  It's a coin toss though.

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