Coughing up black specs (weed/tobacco smoker?

Used to smoke slot of weed for about 3 1/2 years smoked heavily for the past 2 years. I recently stopped because I had a mild Bronchitis and about a day in I stared coughing up black specs. It’s been 9 days or so and I am still coughing it up I think it’s just my hairs in my lungs finally able to clean them out but idk really I keep getting different answers. I have no cough I can feel it in the back of my through which makes me want to cough a few times to spit it out. I have seen no blood just yellowish mucas with black specs and things a little bigger 

I have a picture it might be gross to some. 

Thanks in advanced 


that has nothing to do i have read many articles before saying its just tar and driedblod/deadcell lining that that article has nothing to do with what is happening i am 20 btw i could go thru a oz in under 2-3 weeks with tobacco in every bowl i had which was around 10-15 a day as a stated  just today i notice its less coming out each time

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