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Rate these names out of /10 - Acacia, Laurel, Iris, Misty, Ivory, Blossom, Rain, Sunny and Cassia?

Acacia, Laurel, Iris, Misty, Ivory, Blossom, Rain, Sunny and Cassia.

* Acacia is pronounced Uh-Kay-Sha, though it can be pronounced uh-kay-see-uh.

* Cassia can be pronounced as Cass-see-uh, Cuh-sigh-uh or Cash-ah

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    Acacia:  beautiful but most people won’t know how to say it. 7/10


    Laurel: so elegant and love that it’s close to Laura and uncommon 9/10

    Iris: for me I like it as a middle name 9/10

    Misty : I know animals this but it’s still pretty 8/10

    Ivory:  a brand of soap. Not a fan of the name. 5/10

    Blossom: good nickname but not a official name 2/10

    Rain: better as a middle name. But I like it spelled Raine or Rayne  9/10

    Sunny: nickname 2/10

    Cassia: my favorite 10/10 

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    Acacia - 3

    Laurel - 8

    Iris - 9

    Misty - 0

    Ivory - 0

    Blossom - 0

    Rain - 6

    Sunny - 5

    Cassia - 6

    Laurel and Iris are by far my favourites! Rain, Sunny and Cassia are nice too.

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    uh-kay-see-uh. Is my favroite pronunciation for Acacia. If it is going to be said like that then 10/10. If said the other way 3/10.


    This name is just okay in opinion. I rate it



    I am not keen on this name. 




    I actually like this name.



    I am not keen.



    I am not keen on this one at all.



     This is not a terrible name I am just not keen on it as a first name  I feel like it could be a nice middle name with certain first names.

    As first 5/10

    As middle it depends on the name but over all 8/10


    Same as rainexcept I feel like this does not work well as a full name.

    As first 0/10

    As middle 8/10

    If used as a first name like Rain I think it could work with certain first names.



     I like it.

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    Acacia 4

    Laurel 8 

    Iris 9

    Misty 6

    Ivory 5

    Blossom 3

    Rain 5

    Sunny 6 

    Cassia 7

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    Acacia- 4/10

    Laurel- 9/10

    Iris- 7/10


    Ivory- 5/10

    Blossom- 6/10

    Rain- 3/10

    Sunny- 2/10 (wouldn’t mind it as a middle name though)

    Cassia- 6/10

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    Acacia,  5 

    Laurel, 5

    Iris, 8

     Misty, 1

     Ivory, 2


    Rain, 1

    Sunny 1and 

    Cassia 3 ( As Cassiopeia or Cassandra  then '10')?

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    Acacia -- 6/10. I like that it's unusual but it's not a favourite.

    Laurel -- 8/10. Really like this, a great alternative to the popular and plain Lauren and Laura.  

    Iris -- 10/10. A great choice, very classy. 

    Misty -- 2/10. I just can't see this on a human being.

    Ivory -- 9/10. Very pretty and uncommon, I prefer Ivy though which is my all time favourite name!

    Blossom -- 3/10. It's cute but can't picture it on a professional adult. Rain -- 6/10. I like the name but prefer the spelling Raine. 

    Sunny -- 2/10. Not subtle enough for me, I much prefer Soleil, which means sun. 

    Cassia -- 4/10. It's okay but not a favourite. 

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