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Cat pee smell beneath carpet?

I moved into a new house recently and over the past few months of living here the smell of cat pee has been getting stronger in the basement where it's carpeted. I personally think whoever lived here before us had a cat pee on the carpet and before moving in they replaced all the carpeting but the pee/smell must have been trapped under the new carpet and its now coming through. Anyways, I need the best of the best cleaning techniques of cleaning carpet and making sure it cleans deeply into the carpeting.

P.S. I dont have the money currently for professional carpet cleaning and wanting to try anything I can for the time being.

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    Major ordeal,  soak the carpet with vinegar, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes & suck up the vinegar with shop vac.  Then set up a BUNCH of fans to help it dry, may take several days to dry.

    Rent a carpet shampooer with enzymes to attack pet urine.

    Tear out carpet & replace the pad under it with a new pad.  Clean real good before carpet & pad goes back down. 

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    I'd suggest you first lift the carpet and look for stains. It's probably soaked into the wood, if you have a wooden floor.  That's what you need to deal with, before you consider the carpet.

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