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Do you think shaving makes your hair grow thicker and faster?

I've heard both sides of the argument. I've heard yes, it does and even been shown many articles online supporting that claim. I've also heard no, shaving does not make hair grow back thicker, faster, or darker and been shown articles online to support that claim too. What do you think?

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    What I "think" doesn't matter. Science and my own experience tells me that hair doesn't become thicker nor do the number of hairs increase. I will trust what I read on medical and science sites and ignore OMG this totally happened to me social media comments and poorly written web articles with no science behind them. Reality is that your skin has a set number of hair producing follicles and this never increases and the diameter and rate of growth is determined by genes. Shaving isn't generic manipulation and shaving doesn't increase the number of follicles. There's no argument on the other side. It is genetically, medically and biologically impossible for shaving to change the way hair grows.

  • kelvin
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    no i do not.............

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