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Question concerning clogged sink?

My sink was clogged and had standing water in it so a family member put a drain cleaner down it, problem is its been about 3 days now and it still is standing. Another kind of drain cleaner was poured in today but ive noticed the standing water is now a blueish color and its concerning as i dont know why its suddenly changed like that. I told this person drain cleaner cant be in sink drains for long period of time but they went and did it anyhow so its been stuck like that and i have no way of getting it out. So my question is what made it become blue as im hoping it isnt pipe damage

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    DO NOT try a plunger now as it could splash some of the drain cleaner up onto you,  which would be bad.   Empty out under the sink.   Put down towels and a bucket right under the trap.   Put on gloves and carefully unscrew the trap and let all the liquid and trap fall into the bucket.   Take that outside and use a hose and rinse off the trap.   Check it,  if it is all plugged up you should be able to clean it out with a stick or something and once it is cleaned out,   put it back in place.    If the trap is OK then your plug is further down the line and you will need to snake it.   

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    That is why drain cleaner is a bad idea. The color isnt a big deal but as they said you might have to pull the P trap. If the drain rises quickly the blockage is probably closeto the trap. If it is hair then pull the drain stopper and use a plastic zipper snake you can buy at any hardware, its only a few bucks. I have found replacing used parts with new parts, even if they seem good, seems to make the job go better.If the problem is further down the line then other devices will probably be effected.Good Luck Grampa B

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    toilet plunger AFTER YOU MAKE SURE THE PLUG IS PULLED OUT OF THE SINK.  Then force it down the drain.  Probably coffee grinds.

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    it isn't pipe damage -- drain cleaners are designed to not do that.  get a bucket and disassemble the trap under the sink -- wearing gloves, obviously.  if the blockage isn't in the trap, but farther 'down' the drain, it will have to be snaked out.  Handyman tries a hand snake first ... but the ultimate is a plumber and his powered snake

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    I have never found a drain cleaner that unplugged anything, I'm sure they are out, just never found on myself. Plunges and snakes, takeing traps apart, is all that I have ever found that actually work. I'll still take the lazy way now and again and buy a drain cleaner, always just ends up making more work/mess of things.

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    Drain cleaners should be banned.  They help maybe one in a thousand cases and do far more harm than good.  You mention two random products.  There's no way to tell you what reaction they would have with each other or with your pipes.  Either get a plumber or get a real good pair of rummer gloves and clear out the standing water yourself.  Then you'll need a snake to try and clear the clog, which is what should have been done in the first place.

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    You need physical intervention, such as a plunger or snake.  And get underneath and clean out the trap which should be there.  Wear gloves and be prepared for muck!

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