Criminal minds question ?

So I’ve actually got two questions. First off I was looking for a signed script of an episode to give as a gift and I found a couple but they were idly cheap. Like 20 bucks. Is that normal or is it just a fake/ un authentic. Also does anyone know how I could meet the cast or tour the set, now that the show has ended it has made it 10x harder to find meet and greets and stuff like that

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No way, you can get a signed script and believe it is an original without a signed and vetted letter of provenience.

    When a show is closed the Sets and Actors are gone within an hour.  Best you can do is a Studio Tour

     if the desired actor(s) are currently employed.

    OR Stalk restaurants where s/he might be.

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