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What is the Animal Crossing series?

I guess Animal Crossing has been around for nineteen years (?) however I didn't own the Nintendo GameCube and purchased the Nintendo DS, Wii and 3DS way late so I wasn't aware of Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City or Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  I'll be honest until Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched for the Nintendo Switch I never paid attention to the series.  So what is the Animal Crossing series specifically Animal Crossing: New Horizons as I'm thinking about getting the game.

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    The Animal Crossing series is more of a "Virtual Life" game, where you choose do to whatever you like in the game.

    To iterate the New Horizon's premise (& some of the ads), you plus 2 others have chosen to "purchase" Nook Inc.'s Deserted Island Getaway package.  As the name suggests, you are flown to a randomly generated deserted island that Tom Nook & his nephews has set up a few basic services (like an airport, a public square & "Resident Services" tent) to get you & your new neighbors to start your new lives.

    Once you get past the "Tutorial Phase" with Tom Nook, you'll be playing in real-time (whatever the time is RIGHT NOW, is what the time is in the game) & provided some recommended objectives (like donating fish & bug to unlock the museum, paying off your loan to expand your home) before letting you go wild on your island.  From there, the game slowly unfolds over time (over days & weeks).

    The main difference with New Horizons compared to previous games in the series is that you have virtually full control over the island to customize however you like... once you unlock the tools.  You have control where your villagers live, where the stores are located & generally how your island looks (as you can terraform nearly the entire island, including where lakes, ponds, rivers & waterfalls are well as the cliffs & levels are).

    It's a game series that is a bit difficult to explain, but if you're looking for a chill & relaxing game experience that allows you to do & customize things however you want (within the framework of the game).

    Hope this sheds some light on the series.

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    It’s sort of like the sims but with cute animals. It’s a collecting game like Pokémon but instead of collecting Pokémon, you’re collections bugs, fish, fossils, art works, etc. 

    You also have to do errands for your neighbors. 

    It’s also a design game. You can decorate your house, make clothes, etc. 

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