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I've been off work for a while from sickness. A little bit of tmi..?

So I have been off work for 5 weeks now due to being in a lot of pain. It started out as chest pain then radiated to my side and has stayed that way for a while now. I had blood in my stool on occasions and once it was very oily and black. Now I have been in and out of the dr since all this happened. I even have a rash forming over the area affected. I assumed my gallbladder...but did a scan that said my gallbladder is fine. I have a colonoscopy and endoscope and am awaiting my results. After 5 weeks we still don't have a diagnosis. I am worried my scopes will not show anything either(which if not that is awesome but I am left without a diagnosis still). I am weak often and lightheaded. I get nauseas often. My leave from work ends at 6 weeks. Recently without diagnosis my provider isn't wanting to give a dr note for me. Which I can understand without a diagnosis...but I can feel something is wrong with me. My job can be strenuous and there is no light duty. I need the insurance though to help pay for all of the dr visits and tests and stuff. I'm at a loss and wondering if I should ask another dr. I'm in pain and I don't do drugs or pills or anything. I don't want them. I just want the pain to go away. Any advice? 

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    Sounds like it could be gastritis.

    I had something similar many years ago with very similar symptoms.

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