How to emulsify albonene? ?

I started using albolene as the 1st step for my double cleanse. But it does not take off all of my make up! HELP! I use it like this: 1 Grab some albonene to cover all my face and cleanse my face for a minute. 2 Then I go in with cerave hydrating cleanser. I do not use water in between. I cleanse with cerave for a minute. 3 Then I rinse with water. 4 I did the toner/cotton pad test and it comes with a lot of makeup. I guess that my problem is that I do not take all of the albolene off. I need something to emulsify it. Any body has had this problem? I do not want to use a microfiber because my face is super sensitive.  

1 Answer

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Right now you are not double cleansing, you are just using two cleansers at once.  To double cleanse you wash off the first cleanser, then a second cleanser.  

    Start by actually removing the first cleanser before moving onto the second.

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