2007 ford fusion isn't idling right.?

I have a list of problems and i am in need a help. I replaced the 4 cylinder motor from my 2007 fusion with a 4 cylinder from a 2006 fusion. When i first put the used motor in, it would not turn over at all once i connected it to the transmission. i loosen up on the bolts to where they just a little tight , the engine would still not turn at all. I loosen them up alot more to where its not tight at all, but now the engine will turn over and even crank up. now that i have gotten it to crank up it vibrates and has a small tapping noise( which i think may be a small exhaust leak but not for sure). I put the gear lever in reverse or drive and it will not engage at all either.It also shot out the codes once i put my tester on it. po351,po352,po603,co300,c1103,c1203. I think 4 of the codes came from 1 of the casing around the spark plug cracking and some of the small pieces fell off in the engine. Can someone please help!!!


also when i push on the gas there is no vibration at all and it will not go pass 2000 rpms but when i let off the gas the rpm hands goes down in between 100 to 500 rpms and vibrates bad for a second than immedetily goes back to 1000 rpms to where it is idling normal at but still vibrates. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Check compression.  It is the first thing to check on an engine that old.

  • 1 month ago

    Used 14 year old engine in unknown condition.  No start.  Crank but no start.  Will start but nearly dies after revving.  Vibration.  Tapping noises.  Powertrain codes.  Chassis codes.  Trans won't engage.  You've got so many separate issues that you'd be best off just paying a mechanic look at it in person.  If you want my guess, your used engine might just be junk.  It's not unheard of to get a bad used motor.  Good luck

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