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Do all professional cyclists dope?

Sure seems like they all get caught eventually.


ADD - I am not saying that other professional sports are not in the same category - I feel the same about baseball and football.  

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    Not all of them, usually you have to be suspicious of any Sports person who says I've never tested positive, cos' that's almost the same of saying I've not been caught (yet).  I feel very sorry for the sports people who rode clean and were surrounded by cheats.

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    I’ve no idea but when you consider what they do, is it any wonder?

    Take a race like the Tour de France.

    3 weeks maybe 5-6 hours each day, most of which is strenuous exercise.

     two rest days.

    Compare with other athletes. 

    Footballers and rugby players complain about 2 games a week 80-90 mins.

    Runners compete maybe 6-10 tines a year, maybe only running for 10 secs

    Boxers, twice a year at most .

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    Probably not but most of them do.

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    5 months ago

    Yes.                       ...

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  • 5 months ago

    Rare these days. They are so often tested.

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    If you understood the principles of probability then you'd know seldom is anything a 100%.  So based on the principles of probability; no, not all cyclist dope.

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    No.  Do all pro football players, baseball players basketball players dope?  Not to mention (supposed) professional wrestlers.  I'd bet 99% of them are pumped up on steroids.  

    Now tell me Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa & especially Barry Bonds weren't jacked up on something.  Come back when you come up with a better troll question.       

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