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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 1 month ago

Should Clown Crusher pursue a career in fiction?

If you haven't noticed, Clown Crusher just makes stuff up as he goes along.  Where does he get all his ideas?  Here he is in a recent answer "For those who don't know. The troll is paid to post on Yahoo Global Warming. I'm not speculating. This is fact. Dirac is employed remotely by an environmental group in Vancouver BC. The troll's co-worker is George, the UKer spamming all the fake, generic questions. Georgie is the one using many of the stolen Yahoo accounts that were hacked a few years back."

That's the current fictional story he's working on. He used to claim that I was a fired Penn State professor, and he has claimed that virtually EVERYONE that disagrees with him in here is also me.  Of course not one bit of it is true, but that doesn't stop him. If he's not getting paid by the Russians or the oil companies to troll here, should he start writing fiction?


Ooh, the troll trotted out a Level 7 account he's been hiding!

Update 2:

As always, this question is open to everyone, since I believe in the free exchange of ideas. I have never blocked anyone. 

Update 3:

LOL, look at Daro's answer, he calls me the "King of makin [sic] stuff up", yet then he says "He claims he never said 'data doesnt matter'"--which, of course, I never did say. Then Daro goes on to say " It wasnt [sic] a quote"! So, we find that Daro claimed I said something, now admits that I didn't, and he has the gall to call me the "King".  Sorry Daro, I'm not even in the line of succession for making things up. I think Clown Crusher would be the King and you would we heir to the clownship.

Update 4:

Also notice that Daro just went off on his own irrelevant tack. If he wanted to ask a question on a completely different subject, he could have. I guess his train of thought got derailed somewhere in the first couple of paragraphs.

Update 5:

arther: YES, let's get this forum back to being about science, that's what I like talking about. The problem I have is that Clown Crusher lies about ME constantly. He has essentially been lying about me in here every day for more than year. I give science-based answers to real questions, he posts fake science questions and blocks science-literate people from answering. Yahoo should have banned his dozens of accounts years ago, he probably works for Russia.

Update 6:

Daro, if you want to ask a question about temperature readings and why they need to be adjusted, I'll be happy to answer it.  This question is on a different topic.

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  • arther
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    1 month ago
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    Pity you two couldn't get together and do some actual science you could be 5 years into real observations by now. You both waste alot of time ranting and raving on yahoo, what does that achieve?  Step back and post facts rather than attack each other.

    Your thoughts on solar power the all up energy and environmental costs do they really make less emissions.

  • Daro
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    1 month ago

    Fake Dirac...King of makin stuff up.

    He claims he never said "data doesnt matter". It wasnt a quote. He was responding to the real science pointing out that Government temp readings are just made up.

    Answers with the pic below showing how misleading gov. "data" is has been deleted too many times to count.

    Many articles come up pointing out the "adjustments made to create the illusion of "unprecedented catastrophic warming". First one in BING search.....


    from article:

    "Even more famous, and earlier, was Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph. The graph gave the appearance of stable global temperature for over a millennium followed by sudden, dramatic warming starting in the late 19th century."

    *** Notice how easy it is to shift fake D into one of his rants? See if anyone can make sence of his current blather? 2 paragraphs and fake D still has no answer to the articles debunking the alarmist "temp. readings".


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  • 1 month ago

    You'll have to ask him that question.

  • 1 month ago

    you are such an idiot.

    There is someone here you don't like.

    So put their name in print.

    Tell everyone who hasn't got the slightest idea who this person is, who they are.

    Advertise them, get the word out.

    What a moron you are OP

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